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Property Tax Appeal

Keith MacLean-Talbot, Partner, Property Tax,  leverages his 11 years of experience at BC Assessment with our team’s decades of real estate experience to help reduce property taxes for our clients. 

Grover Elliott’s comprehensive property tax strategy combines top-level industry research with a reasoned and measured approach to negotiation. Our property tax services include: 

  • Pre-roll consultation: Working with the assessor to ensure correct assessed values prior to the completion of the upcoming assessments.

  • Preliminary Tax Review: In January each year, we complete a review of the property assessment to determine if it is fair or should be taken to the appeal stage. 

  • Appeal Services: We ensure the best possible outcomes through our trusted relationships with the Assessors and focusing on the details of the appeal.

Mortgage Financing

Our point-in-time appraisal reports are trusted and accepted by all major lenders to assist with mortgage financing across the entire spectrum of property types.

Litigation & Expert Testimony

Litigation and tribunal support also forms a significant component of our appraisal practice. Our appraisers have consulted on professional appraisal matters with the Appraisal Institutes of Canada and the US and with public universities, colleges and institutions, and have been accepted as experts by Provincial and Federal Courts, Expropriation Boards and Assessment Appeal Boards.

Property Tax Appeal
Mortgage Financng

Our extensive experience and local knowledge enable us to provide a broad range of consulting services including feasibility studies, cash flow analyses, development proformas, due diligence, and market research to assist with lease and purchase decisions and negotiations.


We have extensive experience producing reports for expropriation purposes, working with taking authorities and private property owners. This experience extends to partial takings and partial interests, such as statutory rights of way and easements.

Market Rent Studies
Market Rent Studies 

Our detailed reports help with negotiating new leases, determining lease renewal rents, or can assist with determining the feasibility of a new rental project. We have completed market rent studies on a variety of property types, including land leases and long-term pre-paid land rents.

Accounting, Tax Planning and Reporting

We provide current and retrospective market value estimates to help assist with internal accounting purposes, GST self reporting, CRA purposes, estate planning, and other accounting and tax purposes.


We have experience preparing insurance appraisals for a variety of property types. Our reports include not only replacement cost, but also take into consideration bylaw compliance and demolition costs.

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