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Contributed by co-founder

Mike Grover, AACI, P.App, Fellow

(May 16, 1933 to April 06, 2021)

Taking over a small appraisal office located at 5685 Cambie Street in Vancouver, the company formally announced that it was open for business on January 2, 1974. There were just three of us, and we were ready to go.

Back then, hand cranked adding machines were to be found in most offices (paper tape print-outs were a bonus). Photographs were small, black and white, and secured to the pages of the appraisal with glue (double sided tape came later). Wet print chemical copying began to replace carbon paper; maps were hand coloured and plans hand drawn.

Data collection meant keeping the nose to the ground, all the while with antennae held high tapping into the jungle telegraph of one's peers. Searching title was a necessary last resort. In the 1970's, these searches could be conducted personally by exploring the Land Title Office original massive volumes, carefully turning the huge pages in the hope of being the first to come across that elusive sale that anchored your valuation. Data bases back then were binders brimming with hand written entries, supplemented by shoe boxes stuffed with precious notes, newspaper clippings and articles only a pack rat would treasure. No one had computers.

We made the big move from our Oakridge shop front to the downtown core, principally to provide a base closer to the L.T.O. In June 1985 the Burrard Building became home, the company was becoming well established and both the client list and the complement of appraisers were evolving.

In May 2016 we moved to our current location on West Hastings. Then in February 2018, three long time contractors with Grover Elliott, purchased the company.

While the leadership of the company has changed, we are still basically home grown and acknowledge how fortunate we are to have been part of the changing landscape of this great city and region over the past several decades.

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