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This is a career position that has clerical, research and analytical requirements.


Responsibilities Include:
  • Keeping our sales and lease databases up to date.

  • Research, analyze and enter data on individual sales and lease transactions.

  • Organize and file digital backup for individual transactions.

  • Audit the information provided by appraisers for each comparable, to ensure appropriate backup for the comparable from commercial database sources such as Altus Data Studio, Commercial Edge and BC Assessment.

  • Obtain any other information needed to complete the comparable write-up (e.g., research zoning and official community plan designation, locate latitude and longitude, obtain photographs and location maps).

  • Obtain and enter income information related to relevant sales.

  • Update comparable records as needed so that they are complete.

  • Resolve duplicate comparables.

  • Manage the 'leads' file, which involves property or transaction information that would be useful for future assignments. You would identify the available information on these leads, usually by contacting a listing agent or owner. The lead information is entered into the database, and is subject to review by a professional appraiser prior to its use.

  • Assist in the development and maintenance of our research systems. Document and make available the procedures related to operation of our data systems, how people are to record data for input into the system, and the related policies for data verification, source documentation retention, et cetera. Train and educate users of the system on its operation. Your objectives are to promote accuracy and consistency, and to help users understand how the policies for its use apply.

  • Develop relationships with the research staff at the commercial brokerages, so as to facilitate the exchange of real property information. An entertainment budget is available for this so you can do things like take these people for lunch.

  • Secretarial services within the office are provided by Appraisal Assistants. The Researcher handles cover-off for Assistants during holidays, illness and peak work periods.

  • Other duties, as required.

Qualification/Skills Required
  • A post secondary education, preferably at the university level. Preference is given to courses that develop skills in written communication, technical analysis and critical thinking. Courses in real estate and business have particular appeal.

  • Excellent computer skills - the work requires routine operation of Microsoft Office programs, use of digital imaging, and on line research sites.

  • Competence in written communications, including strategies, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure. Fluency in English is necessary because of the extensive writing requirements.

  • Strong interpersonal skills, to assist in interaction with clients and third party sources of research information.

  • A penchant for research and for details.

  • A commitment to quality work, done on a timely basis, and customer service.

Supplementary Education Requirements
  • Incumbents of this position will be required to take and complete two courses of the Appraisal Institute of Canada’s education program.

  • BUSI 330, Foundations of Real Estate Appraisal, or and

  • BUSI 401, Commercial Property Analysis

Conditions of Work
  • The position is an office position and the hours of work are typically 8.30 am to 4.30 pm.

  • Extensive use of computers is a requirement.

  • The incumbent of this position works under limited supervision, with performance mostly judged based on results. He or she must be capable of work load planning, self direction and monitoring, and prioritizing efforts.

Pay & Benefits
  • Compensation is competitive and takes the form of a wage and benefit package with medical and tuition reimbursement and holidays that exceed statutory requirements.

  • Applicants should state their expectations for starting salary.


Send resumes and cover letters to - Angus Heaps, AACI, P.App, PARTNER

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