Grover, Elliott is one of Canada’s largest and oldest commercial appraisal firms. We have an interesting portfolio of work, including large-scale development and pure market analysis and consulting assignments. We require an experienced appraiser – senior candidate or AACI - to join our team, develop their skills and help with the workload.  We have extensive computer systems, market information resources, databases and full time market analysts/assistants. Our AACIs average 26 years in experience and are great resources. The environment and competitive fee split provide above average income potential.  Some travel within BC. 

Non-designated applicants experienced in Commercial appraisal will be considered. Appraisal Institute Candidate membership is required.

Our downtown Vancouver offices are within a block of Waterfront Station, the main transit node, and we support remote working.

Brent McLaren, B.Comm, AACI, P.App, PARTNER

Larry Dybvig, FRICS, AACI, P.App, Fellow